Abuela’s Kitchen Prepping To Make Tamales/ Preparandonos Para Hacer #tamales

Took a trip to the store to prep to make pork tamales.
Un viaje a la tienda para prepara para hacer los tamales de puerco.

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Abuela nos enseña como hacer una caserola de camote.
Use cool whip as a topping when serving.
La crema ducle es para poner a las porciones individuales.

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27 thoughts on “Abuela’s Kitchen Prepping To Make Tamales/ Preparandonos Para Hacer #tamales

  1. I wish they had that store down here in Hawaii! the only Mercado down here is a tiny hole in the wall and is so limited in what they carry! My son said we would loose our minds in there! Lol! Can’t wait to see tamales video! Happy Holidays!

  2. I Love your video. And your abuelita is so sweet. ? ? thank you for taking your time and showing us step-by-step how to Cook tamales. You both make a great team!!! Good bless you both!!!??????

  3. I just ordered my chili’s and corn husks online today! I live near Pittsburgh, PA and didn’t get to go to Chino, CA this year to get my Tamale supplies at Superior Market! So much fun to see Abuelita getting ready too!! That giant steamer pot is the same one we make menudo and posole in!!! Love Abuela! she reminds me so much of my Mama “Tinez!” So glad I was able to learn her recipes growing up!

  4. Love it when all three of you are out and about. Saludos Abuela Y que Dios las bendiga ? the show !

  5. Honestly I learnd how to make enchiladas , posole . And tamales by wacthing Abuelita’s video . I hope she reads these comment . Wanna thank her so much for taking time to show us . God bless her and her family 🙂

  6. so jealous i would kill to be able to shop at a store like that. can’t wait to see the tamale video FELIZ NAVIDA GOD BLESS

  7. I recently moved to the United Kingdom from California so it was nostalgic watching these videos because of the grocery stores and also all the prep that goes into making tamales! Wishing your family a wonderful holiday! Can’t wait to see the tamale recipe!

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