6 Easy Steps to Little Grandma’s Tamales Mexican Cooking Class

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    1. Well, she lives in Illinois, and she is speaking in English, therefor it makes sense to use the English pronunciation. Spanish has sounds that do not exist in English. I think it would be a bit strange to use the Spanish pronunciation “tamal,” when American English already has the word “tamale.” It’s like when I go to Mexico and order a sandwich or pancakes, I don’t say them with the English pronunciation; it use the Mexican pronunciation even though the words are English. Also, English is not only spoken by white people. She doesn’t sound white, she sounds like she’s from Illinois.

  1. Great video-like a lot of people here, i watched mom do them in a different fashion…but she and my sisters used to take a couple of forks and spend a lot of time shredding the pork.  For the people that are stuck in the past-get over it-times change…methods change….there was a time people thought the rotary phone was high-tech……ahem….Virginia-keep up the good work !

    1. Thank you so much for your insite, yes things change. My Mom and I were always looking for ways to make traditional food easier. We wanted to make sure the younger generation would not see these recipes as too difficult and stop making them.

  2. I do not trust this recipe you are way to american for me to take u serious, I wanted to learn from an authentic Mexican grandma speaking in a strong accent

  3. Chef Lopez- I’ve made tamales a few times but was never taught the steaming part well & it took forever to cook them! You have made the best video on every level. I love how well you teach, your calm voice & clear instruction. The little tips were great, using the broth, chunks of meat, & spreading the masa.
    You are very neat cook. Can’t wait to use your recipe. Thank you, I know this was hard & long by yourself. It would’ve been fun to add a clip at the end of the true lively family time that normally happens in tamale making 😉

  4. I bought this same pot from Walmart here in Chicago for $21. Its a 32 quart tamale steamer and IS a big boy. I’m steaming tamales now and this pot was a life saver.

    1. +michelle xoxo ohhh my goodness they came out so good, I was REALLY proud of myself this is a GREAT video to follow ?????????

  5. I will use your recipe for Christmas. I don’t think it will be hard to make. Cooking gumbo, stuffed bell peppers and new orleans pralines have many steps. Chef your video was easy to understand.

  6. Weak…your tamales need to be a bit bigger in my opinion…but that might be a preference… Overall good video because I always think it’s fun and special when you’re referring to your childhood or how your ancestors used to make it…thank you for sharing.

  7. My mom placed her tamales all standing up,  There are also sweet tamales we make them in pineapple with pineapple chunks, strawberry with strawberry chunks . we also eat them with a sweet hot beverage called atole  and a  chocolate flavored drink called champurrado very tasty !

    1. I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood. Tamale pork was a cooked pig head with the meat pulled off, ground and spiced.

    2. To Tony Angolo : But these are the best Tamales I’ve ever tasted. You just don’t know how to cook. Stop being jealous !

  8. So many people said, this is not how to make tamales, but everyone is entitled to their opinion on how to do something. This is her version, and frankly, I loved it. As a new chef learning to make tamales, I love how clear she spoke, how she gave me the great tip on how to spread the masa. I took a tamale class at Sur La Table, and I could not spread the masa, it was mess. I feel confident now that with the plastic wrap tip, I can do this! I am excited to try her version and then move on to other flavors, and along the way I will probably pick up other tips and create my own way to make tamales. Thank you Virginia on having a clean kitchen and a calm tone to your voice, makes it very is to follow along. I am a subscriber now and can’t wait to make more food with you!

    1. +Jackie Deg Hey Jackie, thank you so much for your kind word, I never understand why some people are so negative. But I am always happy for new ideas and suggestions. I will be setting up a web site for people to see more recipes and videos in the near future.

    1. Yeah, I mentioned this to a lady who makes them all the time… she quickly shut me up and said they are supposed to be small. Claimed the large ones are wrong and blah blah

  9. pork butt is usually the best, i get mine in roast sizes because the family always finds out, and it’s best to have at least 3 tamales per person lol. and there are like 30 people alone that get the heads up. XD

  10. I have always wanted to make tamales. I will be 71 soon so I better try it pretty soon! I will have to make some gringo changes like pot size and I am saving the corn husks from the corn I just bought for corn on the cob. They look so interesting. Thanks for the informative video!

  11. BRAVO!  BRAVO! BRAVO!! I have never made tamales before but I have been
    thinking about making them since my family loves them.  I’ve been searching on
    the internet for a great recipe and decided to try yours. OMG!!! Chef Virginia
    your tamales are to die for and the video was excellent, easy to follow.  Thank
    you for a wonderful recipe!  I will make them for my family and friends over and

  12. made  a batch   last week out of wild hog…  used ur directions as  my base action …  came out great..  starting another batch today.

  13. Oye Chef Lopez . . .can you put the ingredient measurements in the comment/description section of the video.

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