How To Make Chicken Tamales : Boiling Chicken for Tamales

How to boil the chicken for making authentic tamales; learn more about making traditional Mexican and Latin American food in this free cooking video.

Expert: Yessenia Balan
Bio: Yessenia has a Bachelor of Music Education and over 10 years of experience as a music teacher.
Filmmaker: Francisco Baez

7 thoughts on “How To Make Chicken Tamales : Boiling Chicken for Tamales

  1. O Plz! Well she shouldnt have even recorded herself on youtube, she coulda just recorded an audio. No1 cared 2 c her pot& her non english speakin mom

  2. you can’t figure out how much effin water to put in a pot? Hmm, how about enough to boil the chicken….the people who are b*tchin are lame. .

  3. I dont know squat about tamales but these steps(vids) aint numbered……could u please put a number in the title,thanks so much for your videos!

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