How to cook green sauce for making mexican tamales part 2 of 4

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Welcome to this series of videos for making tamales, in this second part you will learn how to make green tamales, enjoy.

Ingredient's: Makes 20 tamales
8 oz (225g) tomatillos or tomates
1 jalapeño or serrano, chile de árbol to taste
Piece of onion
1 garlic clove
1 cup of chicken meat
1 cup chicken broth
Salt to taste
2 tbs oil

To cook chicken see video click here
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20 thoughts on “How to cook green sauce for making mexican tamales part 2 of 4

  1. not everywhere in mexico are they called “tomates”!!! in Sinaloa we call them “tomatillos”
    “tomate” is the red tomatoe we all know!

  2. thank you so much for this wonderful easy to follow recipe! I moved new york to arizona and love all the mexican vegetables at my nearby markets …so thank you for this green sauce I will try today for my mom and family!. Gracious

  3. Me gusta!!! I dont why some ppl gotta be so rude, who cares what they are called as long as we know what they are called in the USA! Duh! Me encantan tus recetas, no puedes enseñarme como aser pipian

  4. Very well done. Clear, concise instructions and excellent narrative. Thank you so much for your very helpful and informative videos.

  5. Thank you very much for listing the ingredients, and the amounts of the ingredients! Your explanation is so very concise and easy to understand! You should get a job as a technical writer!

  6. YOU are so wonderful with your instructions.  Thank you  I sent your videos to my friends. My / your tamales were the talk of the party! I’m a white girl! LOLLOLLOLLOLO

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