Homemade Tamales Part 1: the

The art of making homemade tamales with three separate filling recipes (pork, chicken, cheese & spinach). This is the first of a 2-part video that will give you step-by-step instructions on making the filling for tamales.

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  1. It’s better to roast them for about 30 minutes or broil on low until they are lightly toasted.

  2. LOVE this video! It was a great help when I made tamales for the first time and I adore the salsa verde that you made. I also used it in my masa and then just with chips. lol I’m making chicken tamales this weekend and wanted to review your video before I did so and now I need to find a recipe for the green enchilada sauces because I don’t like to buy canned sauces…

    1. Thanks Vann!  I do not have a recipe for the green enchilada sauce, but I will be working on some and when I find one that is worthy we will post it for you!

  3. Your Grandma and mine must have been friends. These recipes take me back . I can smell them cooking. I’m getting ready to make some myself, and just needed a refresher course. thanks for taking the time to do this Wonderful video. It was very helpful,and instructional. My grandma has passed on, I wish I would have gotten her enchilada recipe. Do you have any others you would like to share? 

    1. Awww that is sweet JJ.  We do have another recipe that we will put together this weekend!  With our tamales we also like to make Albondiga Soup, so keep an eye out for the video!  It will be up before Thanksgiving and pretty simple to make.

  4. When making the red chile sauce, when you are reconstituting the dried chiles, what temp on the stove do you use?  Do you simmer them or boil them?  Thank you for the great videos and all the instructions.  Am attempting the pork tamales very soon and your chile sauce sounds delish!!

    1. Hi Cathie!  We are glad you enjoyed our video!  For the chile’s you can just simmer them for about 30-45 minutes.    I would also let the water cool a bit once they are done simmering so you don’t have a messy explosion when blending.  🙂 

  5. Do you use that green jar of salsa in the tomotillos sauce you make? It was there on the video but I didn’t see you using it so I got confused.

    1. Hi Maria.  You can use your favorite jar green salsa and add it to the green enchilada salsa by all means.  Or you can use the recipe for the tomatillo salsa.  It’s just a matter of preference.  Some people don’t want to part with things that are their favorite so why not 🙂

    2. +C. Margaret Steele
      Thanks you so much for replying so fast. Can’t wait to make them this week. God bless you guyz 🙂  

  6. I am writing a book for National Novel Writing Month (it’s every November)  This year, I chose to learn something new every day in October and then to write about it in November.  I really wanted to learn to make tamales and have started several times over the years and then chickened out.  This year, I found your videos about it and combined with the recipes I had gathered over the years, I finally made some.  The masa recipe you give on here is SO delicious!! I had a specific flavor and texture in mind and know I would have been disappointed if they didn’t measure up to what I wanted.  These were so good.  Thanks for helping me get the courage to try them!  You made it seem like they took a while but weren’t as difficult as everyone always says, so I tried it. They were fantastic!

  7. Oh Judi, I’m so glad you tried making them.  I agree, they’re not difficult to make but can be time consuming. I have to give my sister Alice credit for the masa recipe — she has modified it a bit from my Grandma’s original recipe and I too LOVE IT!  You’ll have to try the pork filling (my Grandma’s original recipe), people tell us they are the best tamales they’ve ever had.  Thanks for the feedback. 

  8. One more thing…I love the fact that you told the viewer’s not to make any comments/suggestions to your recipes. You are absolutely right. If anyone has any suggestions to change your Grandmother’s amazing recipe then they should be making their own video… Just a thought 🙂

  9. Hi I love the way you show everything and the videos are very informative Thank You will follow you

  10. Everyone makes their tamales different… it is open for interpretation…. however you choose to make them. Thank you ladies for your video.

  11. My two sisters are currently watching your videos on rotation all weekend while making their tamales to get ideas. It’s been awhile since they made them so they’re trying to refresh their memory.

  12. Excellent video, so well made. I will try your recipe. I love your salt ‘dipper’. Please let me know if you purchased it somewhere. I would love to get one. Thanks!

  13. This is the most HomeRun tutorial on how to make Tamales. Now I’m confident that my husband will enjoy them more.
    Will you make a tutorial for Enchiladas and salsa? Thank you very much for your hard work.

  14. Whenever I want to make tamales I watch this. This is the best recipe online I’ve came across..simple, strait and to the point! Thank you ladies. 💯

  15. I would like me to take a moment and thank everyone who had kind things to say. There were some that had not so kind things to say but they aren’t worth the time. Remember we were in the comfort of my sisters home. So you may not like that my hair was down and to be honest I didn’t even notice. You may not like how I spoke but we are catering to the public, not to any one individual. And if you don’t like the video that’s ok. Make your own. This was just our thing, a sister thing. A family tradition….our family tradition. I hope you enjoyed our video and remember you can make this your own too! Change the recipe on your fillings. Are you vegan….use vegan butter and canola oil as your binding agent in your tamales. I know this is an intimidating process for many. So don’t be shy and send me your questions. I’ve altered my settings to receive your messages. And I apologize to those I didn’t get to before.

    The point I’m trying to make is we are all individuals. We are not the same. Our process may not be the same but the outcome is well….delicious!

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Feliz Año Nuevo.🎄⛄️

  16. Best video on tamales i seen, and I’ve been watching videos for a week now. THANKS ladies great instructions

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