Robert Cray – Chicken in the Kitchen

18 thoughts on “Robert Cray – Chicken in the Kitchen

  1. Robert Cray is awesome! I saw him in concert last week and I cannot stop thinking about how great the show was !!

  2. Saw him live practicly standing room only. front row. i could touch his feet. One of the best nights of my life ! Magical !

  3. I saw him in the Mountain Winery, Saratoga with BB sometime in September (near St. Jose)! Absolutely amazing, both of them.

  4. seen robert cray twice , he is the dogs marbles , and im so glad i bumped in to his sound , love it.

  5. Saw The Robert Cray Band live yesterday evening at C-mine Genk Belgium, the band was cookin’ some very spicy Chicken in Robert’s Kitchen 😉 Totally awesome !!!

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