No Fuss Tamales: Peruvian Chicken Tamales

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5 thoughts on “No Fuss Tamales: Peruvian Chicken Tamales

  1. Como puedes estar agarando ese perro y cosinar al mismo tiempo?
    How the hell can you be petting your DOG and cooking at the same time. Remind me not to ever eat your cooking.
    You forgot another minor detail of wrapping the tamales in banana leaves for the authentic flavor. You should probably look at another video where it shows these tamales are made with cheese and Marisol chiles.

  2. What the hell did I just watch???. Do not insult Peruvian tamales by linking it to this garbage. There’s nothing Peruvian about this!
    Plus, yes… Wash your hands after handling the dog… YUK!

  3. Lori lo siento mucho pero no hagas quedar mal al PerĂº eso no es tamales peruanos
    Not at all peruvian chicken Tamales sorry

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