How To Make Tamale Pie | Delish

It's all about the skillet cornbread crust. Get the full recipe here:

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27 thoughts on “How To Make Tamale Pie | Delish

    1. +Matt Darling Im just saying that this isnt the proper way to make tamales. But, people make their own thing their way. =T

    2. tamale pie is a casserole, a tamale is different, this is a take off of a 50s and 60’s casserole recipe, for a quick dinner

  1. Making this tonight. Adding Rotel and Fresh Bell Peppers. Love the idea of the creamed corn and sour cream in the cornbread! Thanks.

    1. The Tamale Pie or Tamale Squares as my family calls it, turned out Great! It was a big hit with the guys at work. Next time I’m gonna try baking the cornbread along with all the ingredients so that they bake in together. I think that’s how my family used to do it.

    2. did you try it? I would think this would come out better with the cornbread cooked first so everything would be on top of the cornbread and not in it

  2. Well this looks delicious, but there’s no measurements. How am I supposed to make it?

  3. I made this yesterday night and it was amazing !!!!! I thought jiffy cornbread would taste a lil sweet but it totally compliments it

    1. that is what I really like about Jiffy cornbread , its just a bit sweet and works for just about anything

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