How to make homemade tamales!

here is a simple way on making tamales! its a bit messy but it works!
you will need
2 pounds of green tomatoes
3 red tomatoes
corn husks
foil paper
pack of 6 chicken breast
small green peppers
tamale masa mx
pasilla peppers
garlic powder

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    1. Hahah! Good luck my friend thank you for the engagement on our videos! I hope the video helps you out! Enjoy!

  1. thank you ….muchas gracias!….funny the way u said..” if u use a cloth that has been bleached…it will poison & kill you”.   Just the way u said it maid it funny.    I’ve never made tamales and used your video on my first try.   Awesome!

  2. I am going to try the way y’all make tamales the next time I make them.  These look good!!!

    1. jessica charles also when we made tamales my mother would place a dinner plate face down so that tamales were not standing in water. Also she would place a black olive in each tamale. Each family has a different variation. great memories

  3. Those Tomales didn’t look appetizing at all,you used way too much mass the ckn had no seasoning or flavor,and you just threw a bunch of salsa on top..

    1. +Mimi Keel maybe you should be informed. there are different types of lard some comes in a bucket and it is white, and then there is the good stuff that you get at the Mexican store, which is what was used in this video. also, a lot of people put salsa in their tamales, some people do meat with veggies and some do meat with salsa. and, everybody likes their masa a different way. some prefer thinner, and others like theirs thick. If you have nothing positive to comment, then just keep it to yourself

  4. how rude for some people to just go: “those don’t look appetizing” I guess their parents never taught them that if they don’t have something nice to say to say nothing at all. Each to their own when it comes to food. it doesn’t mean you need to be dicks about it. I watched to make sure the masa consistency was correct for mine.

  5. Horrible. Just a horrible method for making tamales. Salsa verde primarily uses tomatillos, NOT green tomatoes. Salsa rojo should never include tomatoes of any kind. The shredded chicken should be mixed with the sauce and allowed to marinate for at least 8 hours before folding into a tamale. You used WAY TOO MUCH masa. It was not only too thick, but it should not cover the entire width of the corn husk. There should only be enough masa to contain the filling when rolled over., otherwise the tamale is a complete disaster when you attempt to unroll it for eating. I shudder think how you made the masa dough after watching this, but I can only imagine. Furthermore, you should never wrap a tamale in foil as it defeats the purpose of steaming to a large degree, and it makes the finished product soggy. If this is what you call a tamale, then you have never eaten a tamale.

  6. When I make tamales I season the chicken a lot more than this with garlic, cilantro, cumin, peppercorns, a bay leaf, and throw in a pepper pod or two for some heat. They may not be “traditional” but they taste fabulous.

  7. im mexican and i being eating tamales since i remenber. not all mexicans cook tamales the sameway. everyone cooks different. all families have their special recipes. i like the green chicken tamales better than the red ones. i dont eat pork that much because i get sick. so on the red ones i use chicken instead of pork. we have red. green tamales. mole tamales. tamales that are sweet. that i dont like. theres also ones made with corn. i had try ones with veggies that i didnt like. the ones i love too are the rajas con queso. this are made with poblano peppers and cheese. i just love this kind. some people likes them with a lot of masa some people dont like a lot of masa. my sister. dont like meat so my mom makes her tamales with masa and chile. so i dont understand why some people is complaining if there a lot of masa or if you should never use tomatoes for red salsa . everyone cooks different.

    1. Luis Camarillo Foil makes it cook faster, stay dry and help harden after you take the tamales out of the steamer by letting them sit. It also helps if you don’t have a steamer.

    1. Selma Foil makes it cook faster, stay dry and help harden after you take the tamales out of the steamer by letting them sit. And it also works if you don’t have a steamer.

  8. about that bleach in the cloth thing… it’s not true. Most if not all US tap water contains an amount of chlorine (bleach) to keep the system clean. It’s completely safe even in the long run. Chlorine as a public water system additive is common throughout the world because of how well it works and safe it is. Also, you got more chlorine from the salt (sodium chloride) than a gallon of tap water.

    1. Adam Rivera your thinking of chloride as in the ionic it is different from Chlorine because chloride is the natural state. Chlorine is not safe as to the added chemicals designed to kill bacteria and basically everything. It is poisonous. And though chlorine is added to water it goes through a chemical process and is deluted to be safe to consume in the form of water. This form of chlorine in drinking water has less additives than cleaning bleach and goes through a different process which is what this woman is talking about.Many people clean there towels with cleaning bleach hence don’t use bleached towels.

    1. Olive oil taste great, and we put a small amount of bleach in long term water storage containers.

    2. Lard gives it a better traditional tamale taste which is great but you can use coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable shortening or butter but to each it’s own.

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