How To Make Chicken Tamales : Cooking Chicken Tamales


How to cook authentic chicken tamales; learn more about making traditional Mexican and Latin American food in this free cooking video.

Expert: Yessenia Balan
Bio: Yessenia has a Bachelor of Music Education and over 10 years of experience as a music teacher.
Filmmaker: Francisco Baez

9 thoughts on “How To Make Chicken Tamales : Cooking Chicken Tamales

  1. oh, heavens, expert village strikes again. No recipe, no procedure, No nothing ! Expert Village–please go away and stop wasting our time.

  2. i find with expertvillage “teachings” that it’s virtually impossible to find the continuations of clips.
    too bad – i think they actually have something to teach, but someone needs to make them easier to follow……
    ie: 1 of 4 / 2 of 4 / 3 of 4 / 4 of 4
    rather a waste of time….

  3. because they are not as educated people precent and stop disrespecting people who just want to bring something to Lagent

    Dejen de insultar ala señora alguien la insulto con una grosería en español y no es justo que personas mal educadas solo dejan una mala impresión de nosotros

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