Belizean Chicken Tamales

My Aunt Jenny was the one who taught me how to make Tamales. In this video, I show you how to make the Tamales that's make all over the Yucatan. We use masa and chicken and every aspect of it is cooked. This meal is very spicy, savory and satisfying. eat this meal at many festive events.

43 thoughts on “Belizean Chicken Tamales

  1. I really don’t know what to say, I have never seen tamales recipe like this before. I watched the show and it was comedic. I’m a Belizean and I’ve never EVER seen it made like that, I honestly don’t know who would eat this it doesn’t even look appetizing. I don’t want to seem like a hater but that recipe is not Belizean.

  2. it doesnt look good with bone and surprises. The mix goes into the green leaves and it does get flavor from it thats the point. you have toil the leaves to release the green color so your tamales dont come out green. Dont know bout the rest cause ive never seen anyone do it this way but i give you an a for effort.

  3. It’s no different then any other Tamales from Southern Mexico or Central America my dad is from El Salvador and they make them similar with the Plantain leaves in Nicaragua they make Nacatamales which are huge also in Veracruz Yucatan Oaxaca Mexico they make them with Plantain Leaves also in Colombia as well. only in Northern Mexico and in Us they make them in Corn Leaves.

  4. Nice Job…but put the masa on the leaf then wrap in with the foil, this will give it the flavor of the banana leaf.

    1. Joe asks if you have to stew the pigtail first. You know I’ll try anything once. lol

    2. +The Bare Pantry Show
      Yes, stew the pigtail.  I never had stew pigtail until I got a request for pigtail tamales; to my surprise it was pretty good.  (Needless to say some a da pigtail neva mekit ena d tin…lol.  Tell Joe fu watch en finga an no mistak fuwan pigtail…lol)

    3. lol…Joe and our older son Josh are the ones that eat all the pigtails eena yah. I’ll be trying this one soon for you.

    4. Once you start eating that pigtail you can’t stop.  Thanks for the salbutes demo.

  5. suppose to put the tortilla on the leaf first then wrap it up with the foil , so the tamales get the leaf flavor ,, thats the porpose of putting it on the leaf fist.

  6. you’re suppose to put the leaf on top the foil.. then spread the masa on top the leaf then close it up as usual with the foil.

    1. +The Bare Pantry Show oh I didn’t see that one…lol.. keep em coming. my Dad is belizean and I was raised on this good food! Thanks

  7. The way we do belizean tamales is we steam the leaf and wash them
    So they are soft and we cut the lead you just need half a piece. So you have the foil put the leaf on top of the foil put the masa on top of the leaf , Cole, chicken , and peas and carrots , and olives then you wrap it up like usual with the foil. The leaf gives the tamal the flavor.

    1. +Loren Martinez Thanks Loren, I sometimes leave my mistakes in to show that I don’t know everything. I get it right on the Beef Tamales video that comes next. Thanks for taking the time to share you knowledge with me though.

    2. LorenNOTlauren MUA_MAI Hi the information was great. How long should they boil? I was thinking you put in the oven.

  8. the foil paper goes under the leaf and the masa goes on the leave it self you did it wrong at 11:23 the leaf give the tamales more flavor! the tamales always taste better the following day! when wrapping with leaf just lay it down the way it is folded no need to tie it off, it was funny to see tho.. they look good !

    1. +Latawana wood and it tasted better than anything you have ever made or tasted before. What’s your issue?

  9. I’ve never seen tamales made like this before lol. I’m mixed with Spanish family members and they would kill me if I made them like this. But the leaf is always the best way. Lol nice job tho.💃🏾👌🏾

    1. If the leaf is your problem, check out the next video because I get it right then. If you have a problem with my method of making the tamales, then you’ve never tasted a fantastic tamales before. Your family would be happy to eat these tamales.

    2. Not a lot of people are aware that there are multiple kinds of tamales. Belize was conquered by both the Spaniards and the British so there are some cultural likeness to its neighboring countries like Mexico and Guatemala or even Jamaica. 🙂
      But they are not the same.
      (And lol, I can relate with my family too, because I grew up on belizean tamales.)

  10. I’m speechless! This is not the type of tamales made in Belize. But anyways there’s that different tamales from someone else.

  11. you keep the leaves closed by placing tinfoil on the outside, not the inside. the leave is no good that way. serves no purpose. never had them without the leaves. taste better that way

  12. what the hell is she making, i come from a part of belize where this dish is like a main dish, and never have I seen any thing like this . Not even close. insult to this dish

  13. I made tamales yesterday and followed your direction. Only few changes i made was added can mix vegs instead of peas and carrots. I used put a small piece of banana leaf on top of the foil then added everything on top. so as to give the tamales the flavor of the leaf.
    Thank you so much. They were really really good. my family and friends loved them. Next time i will try the beef.

    1. Sharon Straughan Hi this Carmella how long did you let boil? I’m glad your tamales were good.

  14. Avoid eating food cooked in direct aluminum as possible, it’s harmful. Also, masa and sauce is all over the foil, plate, table… So you lick it? I’ll keep using natural banana leaf. All the people in your country does it your way? cuz I don’t want to eat that if I visit.

    1. Most people use the leaf. I just never practiced using it so back when I made this video, I use the foil. Since then, I use the leaf as often I can. this video is almost 5 years old.

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