Authentic Chinese Soup Recipe: Snow Fungus And Chicken Soup

Snow fungus look like a giant snow ball, so it's called snow fungus. It has an interesting texture when you bite into it. Delicious in soups and stir fry. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for telling me the names of the ingredients. I think you mentioned goji berries before, but I couldn’t recall the name. Thanks for checking out this video.

  2. I think in English- those mushrooms are known as “rooting cauliflower mushroom”

  3. Thanks for telling me another name for this fungus in Chinese Soup Recipe. Thanks for viewing my video.

  4. Great to hear you like the soup. My mom and I thank you for checking out our video on Snow Fungus And Chicken Soup.

  5. Mmmm… I’ve looked all through your videos and all I can say is thank you for posting all of these! I do heaps of traditional asian cooking and everything you’ve posted is just wonderful. Thanks to you and your parents! =)

    1. +Gwen Ap Mannanan   My parents and I thank you for checking out our videos.  Happy cooking!

  6. thanks for these recipes! i love this food and you have made the preparation instructions so clear and easy to follow.

    1. +jessica wigfall   You’re very welcome.  Thanks for checking out my videos on Chinese cooking.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi Dan,
    Your mom’s cooking brings back many happy memories of my mom’s cooking. Sorry I didn’t pay attention to my mom’s cooking growing up. Now I’m a grandma I have a chance to learn all the dishes done and taste like my Mom.

    My family is from Hoi Ping and my husband’s family is a SooHoo. I enjoy the seeing the village you visited and wonder if it’s the same as my husband’s family.

    Thank you & your mom for sharing.

    1. +Jean Soo Hoo   Great to hear you and your family’s roots are from Hoiping.  More than likely, your husband’s family crossed paths with ours.  Do you know the name of your husband’s village?  Same with me- I didn’t pay any attention to my mom’s cooking until I started doing these videos for my channel.  Most of the recipes are not hard. You can always substitute ingredients or omit ingredients if you can’t find them.  Great to hear you will continue cooking these traditional Chinese recipes.  Thanks for checking out my videos, including this one on Authentic Chinese Soup.

    2. Hi Dan,
      I don’t know the name of the SooHoo family village. I understand that there is the new village and that my father in- law is from the old village.

  8. This is my favourite favourite soup! Been drinking this at very young. My mum always cook this for me.. But there is something I wished to clarify.. My mum boil this white fungus and chicken soup till a very thick consistency which I really love it.. But when i tried cooking for my husband mum the other day she said that the soup is so sticky.. Can I know if the soup is supposed to be thick in consistency or clear broth? Please guide.. and would it have different benefits in terms of the consistency?

    1. It’s probably a personal preference whether you eat white fungus soup thick in consistency or clear broth. My mom has always made it with the clear broth, so I have always had it this way. Thanks for your question and thanks for checking out my video.

    1. Interesting to hear you found the snow fungus in the forest. Since you found it fresh, you don’t need to dry it out for storage. Probably just clean in water and then put it into soup. We have only bought the snow fungus that is dried. Thanks for checking out my video on Snow Fungus Soup. What country is the forest in where you found the snow fungus? Was it Japan?

    2. +Dan Seto I found it in Florida it’s Ben raining alot here I just stick it in a pot and boiled it a little unique texture not bad it grows in trees I found quite a bit of this fungus I made a video thought it was pretty cool def a gift well accepted from nature as I just moved

    3. Yes, I had seen your video earlier and I posted a “like” on it. Up until your video, I had no clue where or how snow fungus is grown. Interesting it’s grown in Florida. Thanks for answering my question and thanks for posting your video.

  9. “yon nyuk” is dried longan (dragon eyes), similar to lychee but much smaller. “Gow gei” berries is wolfberry.

    1. Thanks for naming these Chinese ingredients. Thanks for viewing my video on Authentic Chinese Soup.

  10. Thanks for doing step by step instructions. My grandma used to make this for us when I was younger but now she doesn’t since she’s 100. It’s nice being able to follow your instructions and being able to make it for her!

    1. So great to hear that your grandma cooked for you and now you are cooking for her. Congratulations to your grandmother on reaching 100. Thanks for checking out my video on making traditional Chinese soup. Happy cooking!

  11. I’ve only seen this as a sweet soup, I want to try it this way. I can see why people make it a dessert, it tastes a little like vanilla. I didn’t know the short cooking time! Now, maybe it can go in a hot pot? This fungus now comes compressed into a little tablet. When it gets wet, there is an amazing amount of it!

    1. I have never had this fungus in a hot pot but it sounds like a great idea. I’ve also never had this fungus in a sweet dessert but it sounds interesting as well.   Yes, amazing how big the fungus expands when wet.  Thanks for checking out my video on Authentic Chinese Fungus Soup.

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