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Here's how eating from four basic food groups helped Alton lose 50 pounds. This video is part of Good Eats show hosted by Alton Brown . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Pop culture, comedy, and plain good eating: Host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he'll bring you food in its finest and funniest form.

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    1. Visual aid. Don’t take on more energy than you need, or in the case of the Defender 90: don’t take on more fuel than you can carry (meaning excess fat) 🙂

  1. My only issue here is that I’m allergic to nuts and fish both. I wish alton would do a special about food allergies

    1. +Qardo
      Alton clearly was explaining  “What I did to lose 50 lbs”  He’s sharing his personal regimen…and since he apparently has no food allergies he has no reason to address the subject. 

    2. +nenafan1 Try just eating lean meats like chicken instead of fish if you’re allergic. Are you allergic to all nuts or just peanuts? Cause there are so many different kinds, maybe find one you’re not allergic to? Chickpeas(hummus), sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and/or edamame would be good substitutes as well if you’re into those things/not allergic to them.

    3. Important reminder, Alton Brown is a chef and not a physician nor a nutritionist,  Also, he clearly stated that this is HIS diet and you will also have to figure out for yourself what agrees with you.  Do some research on your own.  He’s also not our daddy.

    4. Avocados, flaxseed (assuming your nut allergy doesn’t spread to flaxseeds), various beans, squashes, and some leafy greens are also fairly good sources of healthy fats including omega-3s (avocado not so much, the others with higher portions of omega-3s, flaxseed being the best with beans and squashes coming next).

  2. Sorry, but I think Alton looked far healthier BEFORE his weight loss. Now he  just looks old. I have to disagree with the whole red meat thing too. If you drain the grease off, I don’t see a problem.

    1. Mandalore06 also just what that red meat was (the animal and specific cut), what it was eating, and how it lived all impact the nutrient quality of the meat just like the taste does.

  3. I absolutely adore Mr. Brown. 
    This list is great- I’ve been (almost) doing it for years. I allow myself once or twice a month soda.

    1. Any diet that says don’t eat meat is not a diet worth doing. I would rather die than give up the best tasting part of any meal.

    2. Quackers He didn’t say don’t eat meat. He just allowed himself red meat I’ve a week, and allowed himself dish all the time, with pork and chicken somewhere in between. Don’t know where you got “No meat” from.

  4. I found the episode on Amazon (Season 13 Episode 13) Live and Let Diet.

    I would first consult your doctor and see what is right for you.  I had heart failure and had to limit my sodium intake.  So one thing I did learn fast was reading labels and looking up information on products and menu items.  If you take the time and learn to limit certain thing or exchange them for something different you can make changes.

    My weight has dropped from 350 lbs (back in mid December before I had my heart failure) to 269 (as of 4/27/15) all by limiting my sodium, following my cardiologist’s orders and taking my medications as I should while getting what exercising I can in with bad knees.

    1. +Frank Davis Good for you Frank. It must have been scary but sometimes we need a serious event to change our ways.

    2. I’d say to never do that. Just eat like a normal person should. You don’t need to pay your doctor to tell you the exact same thing.

  5. I don’t follow, so, 4 times a week, I can eat fish/red meat respectively…but other than that I’m a vegetarian?

    1. That’s what HE did with HIS diet. He clearly stated, regarding your own diet, talk to your doc and figure out your own plan.

  6. Also, balance the amount of (snack) calories you take in by burning those same amount of calories. Say you eat a 450 calorie snack, burn off 450 calories.

    1. 450 calories is a snack? That’s a small meal for me. It’s like a bowl of oatmeal, a plate of broccoli, and some egg whites.

  7. Alton dude ur comedic elements along with badass cooking ability is a perfect combo for entertainment

  8. I opened this video just because the thumbnail gave me the impression that there would be some explanation behind “Yogurt Broccoli” but instead I got this and gotta say I’m only a little disappointed

  9. Almost all the once a week foods were perfect cause
    1)Im vegetarian
    2)not a big fan of pasta
    3)i only drink once a week with friends
    But then they got to desserts….i work around desserts for my job DX

  10. i cannot stand avocado. tastes like dirt. i call it dirt fruit. i call guac dirt fruit paste and i look down on all the riff raff that like the taste of dirt. if you’ve ever had dirt in your mouth you know what i mean, unless you are too chicken to admit it. sorry alton, I appreciate you’re extensive knowledge of culinary science but I now understand why i only like 50% of your recipes. good day sir. i said GOOD DAY.

    1. I’m forced to agree. Normally I’d consider that a fairly rude comment, but I mean….avocado’s are amazing.

  11. He’s slowly weaned off this diet in more recent years (see the Bonut), but still keeps his consumption of everything more balanced. A solid lifestyle change will cut out a lot of foods, and it sucks at first, but over time as things are reintroduced what once was delicious becomes overbearing in flavor and portions that once seemed normal become too large to complete.

    1. Did he put them on the 0x per week list? Nope. That tells me he would allow them in his diet. How often? Well, not on any of the other lists either, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Remember, this is HIS diet. You still gotta figure out your own.

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